Established in 2016, Blackstone Gulf has distinguished itself as a premier service provider in the realm of Gulf real estate, catering to
both individual and institutional investors. Our ethos from inception has been to offer an unparalleled, full-spectrum service
experience, particularly to our international clientele. This commitment is epitomized by our multilingual staff, proficient in 13
distinct languages, ensuring seamless communication and understanding.

At the heart of Blackstone Gulf’s ethos is our team of real estate connoisseurs, handpicked for their acute understanding of the intricate
nuances of real estate advisory. They embody our dual commitment to delivering not only expert guidance but also an exceptional
level of client service. This refined approach has resonated globally, drawing discerning individual and institutional investors to our

Our success is measured not just in words, but in action: Blackstone Gulf has facilitated transactions worth an impressive $7 billion since
our inception. This milestone is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence in the dynamic world of Gulf real estate.

Sabele Buraik

Chief Executive Officer

Sabele Buraik, an esteemed real estate executive and dedicated mother of five, boasts a remarkable 24-year tenure in the property market. A Georgetown University alumnus, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 1996. Her journey in real estate began with obtaining her California Real Estate License in 1998. Sabele honed her skills at Countrywide Home Loans for seven years before ascending to the role of Vice President at Johnson Capital’s Newport branch in 2005, a prestigious position at the nation’s 10th largest commercial lender.
In 2006, Sabele embarked on an international venture, moving to Dubai, UAE. There, she leveraged her expertise as a freelance professional in the real estate sector, collaborating with globally renowned developers such as Nakheel, Emaar, Damac, and Dubai Properties. Her time in Dubai not only expanded her network but also cemented her status as a leading commercial agent in the region.
Culminating a lifetime of experience, Sabele founded Blackstone Gulf Real Estate in 2016, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a refined touch to the real estate industry. Her distinguished career and profound market insights have positioned her at the forefront of the real estate domain.

Ulixes Buraik

Chief Financial Officer

Ulixes Buraik is a passionate and experienced executive who in 2017 graduated with honors from the University of Tampa with degrees in Mathematics and Economics.

For his early work in founding and building the early childhood education company Tembo Education at age 19, he was featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs of 2016. He was the youngest individual to receive the Forbes 30 Under 30 distinction that year.

Since then, he went on to a career in finance, serving three years as a Portfolio Manager for UBA Capital Partners, a quantitative hedge fund operating in Tampa, Florida. Ulixes has now moved to Dubai to assist in the restructuring, management, operation, and strategic expansion of Blackstone Gulf Real Estate. He is excited to leverage his unique experience and help the firm reach its full potential.

Tra My

Executive Assistant

Salvador Baal


Read More Salvador Baal, a seasoned and versatile professional from the Philippines, has been an influential figure in Dubai's real estate sector since 2012. Boasting over a decade of experience in fields including hospitality, customer service, management, and administration, Salvador has a proven track record of delivering outstanding outcomes. His seamless transition into the real estate industry is a reflection of his commitment to continuous personal and professional development. Salvador's exceptional organizational abilities, unwavering motivation, serene demeanor, and deep-rooted dedication to his team's success have made him a pivotal member of BSG. A fluent speaker of English and Tagalog, Salvador aims to set a new benchmark for success, exemplifying the qualities that earned him the prestigious Best Support Staff Award—a recognition of his enduring commitment and exemplary performance. Support Staff Award winner—a testament to his dedication and excellence.

Trusted Advisors


Read More Sonia Dhouib, a seasoned professional in the luxury retail industry, brings 18 years of remarkable experience across Europe and the Middle East. Known for her exceptional organizational skills and a natural talent for executing significant transactions, Sonia is a formidable presence in Dubai’s luxury retail scene. Her Tunisian heritage complements her linguistic proficiency in French, English, and Arabic, enhancing her versatility in international markets.


Read More Christina Barnett, a Kentucky native, embodies the essence of Southern Hospitality in Dubai's dynamic environment. A graduate of Morehead State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Christina possesses over 17 years of international customer service expertise, including a significant tenure at Emirates Airlines. Her innate charm, resilience, and attention to detail have propelled her to the forefront of Dubai's real estate sector, where she excels in a range of transactions, from guiding newcomers to securing luxury listings.


Read More Noelene Lamprecht, with her roots in South Africa, boasts an impressive 18-year career in the Middle East Retail sector. Her multilingual abilities and extensive travel to over 30 countries underscore her talent for connecting with a diverse clientele. As a specialist in retail branding and expansion, Noelene's analytical skills, teamwork, and leadership capabilities make her an invaluable asset to the Blackstone Gulf team.

Sean Kenneth

Read More Sean Kenneth Jacobs, a South African native and a stalwart in Dubai's Commercial Real Estate sector since 2006, combines a tenacious work ethic with a passion for problem-solving. His approach, characterized by patience and determination, ensures successful outcomes. Sean's unwavering principles and deep-seated loyalty, blended with his unique sense of humor, bring a balanced mix of professionalism and levity to his work.

Bibi Fatima

Read More Bibi Moosa, hailing from South Africa, has made a significant impact in Dubai's Real Estate and Relocation industries since her arrival in 2007. With a diverse academic background and a career transition from the airline industry to real estate, Bibi's journey is marked by her energy, loyalty, and adaptability. Her insights, particularly in understanding living conditions and lifestyles, are a reflection of her wisdom and maternal instinct, making her a guiding force in Dubai's real estate landscape.


Read More Dalia Sabra is a meticulous and patient professional, excelling in tailoring client-specific solutions in the commercial real estate domain. Her expertise, particularly in medical and wellness facilities, positions her as an invaluable asset. Dalia's calm demeanor masks a deep-seated passion for her work, making her an exceptional problem-solver and a valued team member.


Read More Alaa Amin, a dynamic and committed member of the Blackstone Gulf team, is known for his exceptional fieldwork and client relations. Driven by a strong family ethos, Alaa's dedication to his clients is unmatched, often going the extra mile to ensure successful outcomes. His infectious smile and sense of humor enrich his professional encounters, making him a valued and inspirational figure in the organization